Wyckoff Schematics

3 min readApr 13, 2021

I truly value Wyckoff’s approach to help determine continuation vs top/bottom price action. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good resources online, so I wanted to share some of the ‘common’ schematics in a single location. See below.

I have one request: Please do not sell these images for financial gain. I was made aware that my previous post was being used to sell to others so it forced me to take it down. I ask that if the images are shared, please do not claim them as your own and provide proper credit.

Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic examples:

Wyckoff Reaccumulation Schematic examples:

Wyckoff Distribution Schematic examples:

Wyckoff Redistribution Schematic examples:

Remember that these are schematic patterns, meaning price action could have a similar trajectory, but it is important to learn about the characteristics of each phase and how to determine the differences in each one. Volume is a huge component of Wyckoff so see below for my favorite free resources to help learn more about Wyckoff:

Jim Forte — Anatomy of a Trading Range

I share this as a resource for everyone to use. I believe there is value in learning about other trading styles that might be different from your current approach. Having a wide range of knowledge will challenge your approach and hopefully help you when applied correctly

Also, these images are not meant to reinvent the wheel. Rather, these schematics are hard to find online, so I thought I’d make a comprehensive set for you to reference

Use this as you want/need. I hope this helps you in your trading journey.

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